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Pro Series B2 25mm Desktop Tape Dispenser

Pro Series B2 25mm desktop tape dispenser is Ideal for home or office. This heavy duty tape dispenser is ideal for tapes up to 25mm on 25mm or 75mm cores. Includes its own cutter for easy of use. No more having to use your teeth or find a pair of scissors!

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Pro Series B2 25mm Desktop Tape Dispenser

Keep your dentist happy – save your teeth for apples!

It’s a well known fact that general purpose stationery tape is indispensible. But with a stationery tape desk dispenser, you can dispense as much or as little of it as you like!

It’s like a personal wrapping assistant who will sit on your desk until needed

If you’ve ever tried wrapping gifts, you’ll know the problem. Two hands are never enough. Teeth get involved to cut without scissors, knees come in handy to keep things in place while you find the end of the roll, and the edges of nearby furniture get covered with pre-cut strips. Just look at the low price of this product and ask yourself how you managed without one. Just go to the gym if you miss the physical exercise.

So let’s dispense with unnecessary effort and look at stationery tape desk dispenser


  • Sturdy dispenser for rolls of stationery tape
  • With a cutting blade for easy of use
  • Fits rolls up to 25mm

Use it for:

  • The shop counter for simple gift wrapping
  • In the home or office for general use - heavy duty or occasional

Outstanding benefits:

  • Great value
  • Makes using adhesive tape much more convenient
Brand Pro Series
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