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GLASS WITH CARE Warning Tape - 48mm x 66m

This 48mm x 66m polypropylene warning tape is printed GLASS WITH CARE in red, on a white background. The text is clear and easy to read. A superb carton sealing tape & easy to use with a tape gun dispenser. This glass with care warning tape gives clear instructions to handlers.

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A clear message tape for marking fragile boxes!

Handle with care is the message sent out loud and clear by our GLASS WITH CARE warning tape. The word 'glass' automatically registers with anyone handling your fragile package that if they don't exercise due care and attention they could be responsible for be smashing, cracking, or chipping the contents.

Not just glass - anything that needs careful handling

You could always scribble 'fragile' on the outside, but this warning tape comes in red capitals on a white background to really send the message home. It's easily readable, immediately recogniseable and much more efficient than marking parcels by hand. Use it not just for glass, but for mirrors, china, other breakables, or for precious paintings or belongings that you'd just like treated with extra respect.

This tape fits standard packaging tape dispensers such as [LINK], which saves you having to apply individual labels by hand.

So let's get the crystal clear facts about GLASS WITH CARE Warning Tape


  • 48mm x 66m
  • fits standard packaging tape dispensers
  • white background with bold red message in capitals

Use it for:

  • marking packages for careful handling

Outstanding benefits:

  • clear and to the point red lettering
  • useful for labeling a range of different types of fragile contents
Colour White
Roll Length 66m
Roll Width 48mm