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Bag Neck Sealing Dispenser with Trimming Blade

The easy way to seal the neck of polythene bags using coloured vinyl tape.

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Bag Neck Sealing Dispenser with Trimming Blade

Every butcher and baker's bag-sealing friend!

The bag neck sealing dispenser not only seals your polythene bags but also trims away the surplus polythene from the neck. Your sealed bags will look professional, be hygienic, and leave your customers or your kitchen with a polythene package that can be handled without mess, whatever the contents.

Use with 9mm or 12mm bag neck sealing tape

You'll want to invest in some of our colourful sealing tapes [LINK] to go with this dispenser. Choose between 9 and 12mm widths depending on your needs. As they come in a range of colours, you'll be able to code the contents if you wish, saving you or your customer from having to rip open the bag to check what's inside.

The bag neck sealing dispenser allows you to make a quick, clean and tidy job of sealing, so it’s ideal for the shop counter, handy in a busy lab or kitchen, and great for storing messy contents without spillage.

So let's trim away the excess and look at the basics of the bag neck sealing dispenser


  • bag neck sealing dispenser with trimming blade
  • requires sealing tape (order separately)
  • can take 9mm or 12mm widths of sealing tape

Use it for:

  • quick and professional sealing and trimming of plastic bags

Outstanding benefits:

  • one action seals and trims the bag neck
  • use in conjunction with coloured vinyl bag sealing tape for coding contents