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50mm Standard Tape Dispenser

50mm Standard tape guns only take a couple of minutes to master but once you do, you will be glad you have one! Take our word for it, tape guns make sealing cartons a breeze.

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Standard Tape Gun Dispenser

For when you have a lot of tape to be taping!

Taping by hand is manageable when you have just one or two packages to deal with. But for professional volumes of packaging you'll save yourself a lot of time and effort by mastering a tape gun.

Spend a couple of minutes learning, save a lot of time taping

Imagine a tall stack of flat packed boxes, each needing to be sealed one by one. Picking at the end of a reel of tape, pulling it out, pressing it down crinkled against the box, then tearing or cutting by hand... the whole process can feel a bit like Christmas Eve without the glass of port.

Now consider the ease with which you could be doing the job: one swift movement with the tape dispenser gun and you'll have stuck and cut the tape in a single Zorro-like stroke, and be ready for the next.  It's quick, efficient, and makes perfect sense for your business. Incidentally, you won't want to use the tape gun with Cross Weave Filament tape - because that's extremely heavy duty and requires a sharp knife or cutter! - but for PVC or polypropylene tapes, it's the very tool you need.

So let's trigger your interest further in the tape dispenser gun


  • suitable up to 50mm tape widths
  • adjustable brake

Use it for:

  • quick and easy taping of large volumes of boxes

Outstanding benefits:

  • ease of use, once you get to grips with it.
  • a good way to speed up your packaging in large volumes
  • tapes and cuts in one quick movement

WARNING: These 50mm tape guns are not suitable for use with Cross Weave Filament Tape.