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3M Scotch Cellulose Premium Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m

3M Scotch ® Premium Clear Tape is the best product on the market - low noise, pressure sensitive and split and tear resistant. This tape is ideal for all your package, envelope and small box-sealing needs. 25mm x 66m (Pack 6).

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3M Scotch Cellulose Premium Clear Tape

Everyone's favourite multi-purpose household tape!

What’s not to love about 3M Scotch Cellulose Premium Clear Tape? It ticks all the boxes when it comes to everyday use in the home - an all round performer for wrapping presents, sealing boxes and envelopes, and even for getting creative with empty cereal boxes and plastic bottles. On BBC children’s television it was the nameless magical ingredient to every junk modelling project, referred to as 'sticky tape'!

The question is not, 'Do you need it?', but 'Have you got enough left?'

3M Scotch Cellulose Premium Clear Tape combines a wealth of key characteristics that make it indispensable for every household. It is strong, clear, multipurpose, ages really well (no yellowing or drying out), resists tearing, is pressure sensitive and is quiet to use.

With so many uses beyond wrapping presents, perhaps the tag line should be - 3M Scotch  Tape. It's not just for Christmas!

So let’s find out why everyone’s stuck on 3M Scotch Cellulose Premium Clear Tape


  • 25mm width x 66m
  • Comes in quantities of 6

Use it for:

  • household jobs, including wrapping, binding and sealing
  • crafts and creativity - fun and easy for children to use too

Outstanding benefits:

  • a proven popular product - a must for every household store cupboard
  • ease of use, efficiency, and long lasting adhesive qualities that age well
Brand 3M
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Colour Clear
Roll Length 66m
Roll Width 25mm