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Red Lithographic Tape - Tesa ® 4156

Tesa ® 4156 Red lithographic tape suitable for the printing and graphic industry, for photographic films. Available to buy in 25mm & 50mm widths. The tape is available as litho-red (colour 57).

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Red Lithographic Tape - Tesa ® 4156

A classy red tint designed for films, print and graphics!

If you work in the print or graphics industries or you handle photographic films, you'll be no stranger to red lithographic tape. Ruby red in colour for subtle visibility, it's designed for working with film materials.

Accurate positioning, protective masking, secure edging

Red lithographic tape is used for processes such as edging, masking, stripping and splicing, and it creates a protective seal for printing plates, and contact and enlarging papers during light exposure processes.

You won't want to use this tape in conditions of high humidity, but with a 60 micron total thickness, and made from release coated cellulose, coated with a solvent based rubber/resin adhesive, you can be confident in this professional quality product during the processing stage as well as when your films go into storage.

So let's sharpen up the focus on red lithographic tape


  • dark, ruby red dyed tape
  • release coated cellulose film
  • solvent based rubber/resin adhesive
  • total thickness of 60 micron
  • 25mm or 50mm widths x 66m

Use it for:

  • professional film handling - editing, splicing, masking, stripping, edging, positioning
  • conditions other than high humidity

Outstanding benefits:

  • ruby red colour allows accuracy in positioning during light exposure
  • a wide range of uses in the print and photographic industries


Brand Tesa Tape
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Colour Red
Roll Length 66m
Roll Width 25mm - 50mm