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Cross Weave Filament Packing Tape

Cross weave filament tape is a high-strength, high tack strapping tape. Made with reinforced glass fibres to provide maximum strength. Recommended for heavy duty and high security sealing and bundling of odd-shaped materials. This tape is extremely strong, you will need a sharp knife or cutter to cut.

Available in widths of 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm.

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Cross Weave Filament Tape

Maximum strength tape for industrial packaging!

Looking for a strapping tape that will work for very heavy duty packages in the most arduous conditions without letting you down? Filament tape is freakishly strong! Designed for even the heaviest export requirements - and under constant use - it will keep on performing at full strength and resilience.

Strong, strong, strong tape, and did we mention, strong?

The secret of our impressive filament tape is in the reinforced glass fibres, which can only be cut with a very sharp knife or industrial cutter. That makes it perfect for strapping, banding, bundling and reinforcing. Whether you’re working with steel rods, heavy full size containers, or smaller cartons and non-standard shapes, you can trust filament tape to withstand every stress and strain thrown at it without complaining. No ripping, snapping, tearing or splitting, filament tape is sturdy enough to keep very heavy duty contents under wraps.

So here are the strengths of cross weave filament tape


  • available in widths of 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm
  • 50m long
  • reinforced glass fibre construction
  • very high tack

Use it for:

  • industrial strength export packaging needs
  • non-standard shaped packages that need reinforced strength
  • strapping heavy materials

Outstanding benefits:

  • Extreme strength and industrial resilience

Lead Time:

  • Should this product be OOS when you place your order the estimated delivery time will be 2 - 3 Weeks
Colour White
Roll Length 50m