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Premium Brown Hot Melt Adhesive Polypropylene Packaging Tape - 48mm x 66m (36 Pack)

Available to purchase in 48mm x 66m. This strong premium Hot Melt brown polypropylene packaging tape is suitable for carton sealing and general packaging / warehouse needs. The hot melt adhesive is a resilient and durable adhesive and works well on most products and in most environments above five centigrade. 48mm x 66m (36 Roll Pack).

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Polypropylene Hot Melt Premium Packing Tape

A strong and durable packing tape!

Polypropylene adhesive tape is an old favourite for sealing and packing. It's robust, resistant and reliable, making it perfect for general packaging purposes and where reasonable strength and resilience is important.  Hot melt is a resilient and durable adhesive which has a quick, strong grab as well as higher shear stretch. It will continue to perform well under constant stress. This is the product of choice in fast-moving environments and especially in automatic sealing machines where it comes reeled about 10-15 times the standard metreage per roll.  

Store in a dry place for a 12 month shelf life

To maximise the shelf life, store this tape in a dry place at around 16 deg C, and with 50% relative humidity. Best applied with a hand case sealer, although many will manage without. Polypropylene tape is a must for the packing stock room. It’s versatile, affordable and available in clear and brown.  No bells and whistles, it just does what it's designed to do, and it does it well.

So let's look at the FAQ about Polypropylene tape


  • everyday use polypropylene tape
  • synthetic rubber / hot melt (solvent free) adhiesive
  • available in clear or brown
  • 48mm x 66m
  • comes in packs of 36 rolls
  • Great all-round performance in most environments
  •  Temperature range 3°-50°C
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • High adhesive capability
  • Suitable for most substrates

Use it for:

  • all round sealing and packaging
  • a range of sealing uses where reasonable strength and resilience is important
  • may be used by hand or with a taping machine

Outstanding benefits:

  • silent unwinding makes it perfect for a busy packing area
  • versatility makes it a stock room favourite
Colour Brown
Roll Length 66m
Roll Width 48mm