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Tesa ® Masking Tape - 4323 - 40c Low Bake Tape

Tesa ® Masking Tape - 4323 - 40c low bake tape for general lightweight masking, sticking and sealing jobs.

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Tesa 4323 masking tape

An all purpose masking tape!

Masking tapes have more special features than you might notice - strength, adhesion, thickness, tearability, strength...  and this one is a jack of all trades. It not only masks, it seals, holds, fixes and sticks, making it an ideal addition to your box of tricks, whether you’re packaging, decorating, creating, mending, building, or, well anything else really.

Masking tape that does more than masking

Sorry to name drop again, but if Banksy was looking for masking tape that would not only help him create his urban art spray paint masterpieces, but would also help him tidy up his garage, put up his Portishead posters, and touch up the paintwork on his auntie’s window frames too, this is the one he’d probably go for. We’re not saying he does order masking tape from us (and even if he did, we couldn’t possibly tell you) but we can definitely confirm we have no idea - so he might.

So let’s multi-task with the more than masking abilities of Tesa 4323 masking tape


  • Multi-purpose creped paper masking tape
  • Natural rubber adhesive
  • Thickness: 130mu
  • Strength: 33N cm

Use it for

  • General masking jobs as well as lightweight packaging, sealing, fixing

Outstanding benefits

  • A versatile and hard working masking tape
Brand Tesa Tape
Colour Cream
Roll Length 50m
Roll Width 25mm - 50mm
Backing Material Slightly-creped Paper
Type of Adhesive Natural Rubber
Total Thickness 130 mu
Adhesion to Steel 3 N/cm
Elongation at Break 10 %
Tensile Strength 33 N / cm
Temperature Resistance 40C

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