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Printed Fragile Message Tape (Polypropylene) - 48mm x 66m

Save time and money with our 48mm x 66m pre-printed polypropylene tape. Strong packing tape with a bold Fragile warning message in large red print. Buy this high quality pre-printed tape at some of the cheapest prices online.

Sold in packs of 6.

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Polypropylene Printed Fragile Message Tape

A pre-printed tape that means handle with care!
Have you ever tried handwriting notes on packages to let people know they need to take special care? Before the days of printed message tape, scrawling large capitals on every side took time and effort, and the result wasn’t always immediately recogniseable by those who really need to get the message. Fortunately, pre-printed tape is quick, clear and easy.

Red letters on a white background – for maximum visibility

Take one pistol grip tape dispenser [LINK] loaded with printed fragile message tape (polypropylene) and in one quick swipe you’ve labelled your box professionally ready for the postal system or the delivery van. It’s a no-brainer when you think of all the fuss and bother of dealing with breakages.

So let’s get the message about printed fragile message tape


  • stand-out messaging in red block capitals on a white background
  • 48mm x 66m polypropylene tape
  • packs of 6

Use it for:

  • marking fragile packages for careful lifting and handling

Outstanding benefits:

  • clear, bold lettering for high visibility
  • quick application when used with pistol grip tape dispenser gun
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Colour White
Roll Length 66m
Roll Width 48mm