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75mm Pistol Grip Tape Gun Dispenser

75mm Tape Guns only take a couple of minutes to master but once you do, you will be glad you have one! Take our word for it, tape guns make sealing cartons a breeze.

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75mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser Gun

Pull the trigger for top speed taping!

Professional taping needs professional quality equipment. Our 75mm pistol grip tape dispenser gun can be used with a range of packaging tapes – pvc, polypropylene, pre-printed, brown or clear. It’s basic kit for your packaging area, saving time and effort and giving top quality results every time.

A wider dispenser designed for larger tape sizes

This dispenser is the larger size, especially suited to wider tapes, but with just the same ease of use as the narrower version. Your packing staff will thank you for making their life easier, and the process of packing will speed up considerably, saving you time and money. It’s not designed for use with industrial strength cross weave filament tape (which needs a sharper blade) but it’s ideal for our regular packaging tapes in polypropylene or PVC.

So let's fire away with the details of the 75mm pistol grip tape dispenser gun


  • 75 widths designed for wider packaging tapes
  • integrated blade protector
  • reversible, double sided blade

Use it for:

  • top speed professional packing

Outstanding benefits:

  • perfect for wider packing tapes
  • professional results with just a few minutes practice

WARNING: These are not suitable for use with Cross weave Filament Tape.

Brand Optimax
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