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Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping from the Pro-Series professional packaging range.

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Ribbon Wound Steel Strapping

Widths of 13mm up to 32mm are available!

When you need some seriously heavy duty strapping, opting for steel, rather than polypropylene or woven, ribbon wound steel strapping won’t let you down. Supplied in 20kg – 48kg quantities, depending on the width required, this ribbon wound strapping is designed for some hard work!

Black ribbon wound steel strapping – break strengths of up to 2040kg!

With a smaller coil than mill wound steel strapping, ribbon wound is coiled around itself, giving an overall width that ends up just the same as the width of the strapping. Made by Pro-Series, this is steel strapping you can trust.

So let’s tie up the details of ribbon wound steel strapping


  • Ribbon wound steel strapping
  • Widths available: 13mm, 16mm, 19mm,  25mm,  32mm
  • Break strengths: 560kg, 720kg, 850kg, 1653, 2040kg
  • Supplied in quantities of 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 20kg, 48kg
  • Manufacturer: Pro-series

Use it for:

  • Endurance and strength when its needed for industrial strapping

Outstanding benefits:

  • Wide range of widths, break strengths and quantities available
Brand Pro Series