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12mm Semi Open Strapping Seals

12mm Semi Open Strapping Seals from the Pro-Series professional packaging range. Approx 2000 per box.

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Semi Open Strapping Seals

Galvanised metal seals for use with a sealer or combination tool!

Semi Open strapping seals are perfect for helping to get a strong tension with a permanent seal. They can be placed anywhere along the strapping material and sealed into place using a sealer or combination tool. They fit widths of sealing material from 12mm to 25mm.

Supplied in a box of 2000

Order semi open strapping seals and you’ll get a whole 2000 per box. That means plenty of sealing and strapping without running out. Made from galvanized metal, you can be sure of an all-weather finish that won’t let you down when you’re strapping cartons and packages for transit or storage.

So let’s fully open the information on semi open strapping seals


  • A box of 2000 galvanised metal strapping seals
  • The semi open design allows you to lie the strapping inside before clamping shut with a crimping sealer or combi tool for a strong and lasting grip

Use it for:

  • Creating a tight and trustworthy seal on packages secured with polypropylene strapping

Outstanding benefits:

  • Easy to use, high performance, professional finish
  • A box of 2000 will handle a number of strapping jobs
Brand Optimax