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Varigauge Plastic Carrier Bags

Coloured or transparent plastic bags made from low density film for carrying up to 3kg.

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Varigauge Plastic Carrier Bags

Best selling plastic bags in a fantastic range of colours!

If you’ve got a brand colour scheme, we’ve probably got a colour to match it. Or you could go for transparent and let the goods do the talking. Bright and cheerful carrier bags make customers feel really special about shopping with you.We can even print on them for you!

Various sizes, in quantities of 500 or 1000

With our varigauge plastic carrier bags starting from 203 x 305m and going up to 558mm x 457mm x 76mm, you’ll be able to order a supply in just the right sizes to suit the products on sale in your shop. Made from low density plastic film and with punched out handles, these plastic carrier bags can hold up to 3 kilos in weight.

So let’s get a handle on varigauge plastic carrier bags


  • Varigauge thickness: 180 gauge/45 micron bottom; 360 gauge/90 micron top
  • Kidney shaped punched out handle for comfortable carrying
  • Bags hold up to 3 kilos in weight
  • Colour range: transparent, white, blue, burgundy, dark blue, gold, harrods green, ivory, silver, yellow
  • 20 sizes available to order from 203 x 305 to 558mm x 457mm x 76mm

Variguage refers to the thickness of film, which increases from the bottom to top to give additional strength

Use it for:

  • Bold and beautiful packaging for clothing stores, gift shops and boutiques
  • Printing with your brand design  (Contact [email protected] for small and large print quantities)

Outstanding benefits:

  • Outstanding range of colours - one to suit every brand