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Degradable Vest Carrier Bags

100% degradable vest shaped carrier bags with printed design saying so! Will easily degrade in landfill sites.

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Degradable vest carrier bags

Recyclable carrier bags that won’t harm the environment!

Want to make a statement about how much you care for the environment? These degradable vest carrier bags say it loud and proud in green print. What’s more, the bags themselves can be reused. Then when they are finally disposed of, they leave only water and biomass residues.

No composting required – bags will degrade in landfill or open air

Shaped like a vest (hence the name) these practical and versatile carrier bags can be ordered in quantities of 1000. They are available in 2 sizes and contain a special additive to cause them to degrade when no longer useable.

So let’s breakdown the details on degradable vest carrier bags


  • Strong white film bags with an additive to cause degrading
  • Recyclable
  • Printed in green with eco-friendly reminder
  • Available in quantities of 1000

Use it for:

  • Making a statement about your environmental stance
  • When you need to use bags that will easily degrade in landfill sites

Outstanding benefits:

  • Recyclable is great for the environment and cost benefits for the customer
  • Degradable quality stated in green print - shows you care about the earth