Paper Coffee Cups - Stylish SoHo Design

Disposable cups with a stylish design for takeaways and outdoor cafes. Lids are available separately.

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Soho Paper Coffee Cups

Sophisticated cups for the more discerning coffee drinker!

Soho designed Paper Coffee Cups are single walled, and have an artistic sketch of a steaming coffee cup on the outside in a tasteful mocha brown outline. Brown slipper dome lids are also available, making drinks safer to carry.

Made from standard heavy gauge board, these are robust and stylish – suitable for any high street coffee shop or mobile stall. Available in 3 different sizes – 4oz to 20oz – so you can serve single espressos to large frothy cappucinos each in its own size of cup.

So let’s find out what’s soho good about soho paper coffee cups


  • Tastefully designed with a coffee cup sketch on the front
  • Available to order in 6 different sizes: 4oz,16oz, 20oz
  • Slipper dome lids also available to order in quantities of 1000 or 1200 depending on the size

Use it for:

  • Stylish takeaway or drink-in cups for any coffee shop
  • Outdoor catering, e.g. festivals, barbeques

Outstanding benefits:

  • Manufactured using standard heavy gauge board
  • Range of sizes from 4oz to 20oz