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Catering Aluminium Foil Cutter Box - 450mm x 75m

Catering Aluminium Foil Cutter Box - 450mm x 75m Foil Cutter Box 11 micron

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Kitchen Aluminium Foil

Hygienic, insulating, versatile and very very shiny!

Wrap practically any food stuff in aluminium foil and it’ll be fine for the fridge. Line oven and grill pans and trays before cooking and they’ll be easier to clean. Or make your own angel costume complete with coat-hanger halo. Kitchen foil is just so multifunctional!

450mm x 75m foil in a cutter box

The serrated edge in the aluminium foil box allows you to cut it easily without scissors. This kitchen foil is a high quality 11 micron thickness, which makes it perfect for the domestic or commercial kitchen.

So let’s wrap up the details about kitchen alumium foil


  • 75m kitchen roll (450mm width, and 11 micron thickness)
  • Supplied in a box complete with serrated blade for cutting the foil easily

Use it for:

  • Wrapping, covering, storing, cooking
  • Creative craft uses because of its silver colour and mouldable texture

Outstanding benefits:

  • Very versatile for the home or commercial kitchen
  • A traditional must-have for cooking, baking and making

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