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Dart Polystyrene Food Containers

Dart polystyrene food containers. Supplied in a choice of 4oz, 8oz or 12oz sizes with lids available to order separately.

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Dart Polystyrene Food Containers

Insulated containers for hot food or cold food (or any other temperature!)

Dart polystyrene food containers make a great solution for transporting food safely and hygienically. With 3 different sizes available you can stock up for different food items for takeaway or the delicatessen counter.

Lids are also available in this range - designed to fit exactly

Use these polystyrene containers together with Dart lids (order separately) to provide safe and simple protection for whatever contents you put inside. Select 4oz, 8oz or 12oz and depending on the size you'll get a supply of 500 or 1000 containers.

So let's empty out the details about Dart polystyrene food containers


  • Polystyrene food containers in a choice of 3 sizes
  • 4oz, 8oz or 12oz containers available
  • Matching lids can be ordered separately

Use it for:

  • Keeping chilled or warm foods at the right temperature for longer
  • Packaging food items for takeaway or from the deli counter

Outstanding benefits:

  • Polystyrene provides excellent insulation
  • The matching lids create a neatly sealed container for safer transportation
Brand Dart

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