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Pure Greaseproof Paper

Sheets of pure white greaseproof paper in 3 common sizes for commercial and domestic catering use. Available in 250 x 375mm, 350 x 450mm and 500 x 750mm sized sheets.

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Availability date: 01/01/2050

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Greaseproof Paper

For lining baking tins and trays, jam pot covers and freezing!

Greaseproof paper sheets are versatile and invaluable in the catering trade as well as the domestic kitchen. It’s the perfect material for wrapping food to go in the fridge, freezer, oven or microwave. You can also use it to line cake tins and baking trays as well as packed lunches and food for the chiller compartment.

Available in 3 sizes

A choice of sheet sizes are available (250 x 375mm, 350 x 450mm and 500 x 750mm). All have a thickness of 36gsm.

So let’s investigate the proof about greaseproof paper


  • Food safe greaseproof paper – thickness of 36gsm
  • Available in 250 x 375mm, 350 x 450mm and 500 x 750mm sized sheets

Use it for:

  • All kinds of food wrapping, for cooking or storage
  • Suitable for the fridge, freezer, microwave or conventional oven
  • Can also be used to make jam pot covers and lids, and for separating food into individual portions for freezing

Outstanding benefits:

  • Versatility! Use it all round the kitchen for efficiency, hygiene and cost-effectiveness