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Spacepack Loose Fill Packing Peanuts View larger

Spacepack Loose Fill Packing Peanuts

Polystyrene CFC Free Loose fill for padding items in transit. Pour into the box to fill any voids for extra protection on the journey.

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Spacepack loose fill

Boldly goes into every empty space and void!

When you’re packing boxes for storage or transit, you’ll want to fill every available space to avoid the packaged goods moving during transportation. Packing peanuts are ideal for this. And these, from spacepack, offer excellent impact absorption.

Voidfill for keeping contents safer during transit

Spacepack loose fill keeps contents safer from damage and holds them more securely in place while they’re en route from dispatch to destination. They are available in 15cft bags, meaning you can stock up on them for bulk packaging.

So let’s beam up the details of spacepack loose fill


  • 15cft bag of spacepack packing peanuts

Use it for:

  • Boxing contents more safely for transit or storage

Outstanding benefits:

  • Flows into empty spaces, moulding around the contents of a box for better protection
Brand Space Pack
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