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ECO FLO ® Biodegradable Loose Fill

Environmentally friendly loose fill. 100% fully compostable, biodegradable water soluable void fill.

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ECO FLO ® biodegradable loose fill

Eco flo makes packing peanuts!

Got a void to fill? Loose fill flows into all the little nooks and crannies of your package to keep valuable contents safely protected during transit. Whether you’re boxing up fine china or dispatching mechanical parts, use voidfill for excellent impact protection.

Environmentally friendly – suitable for composting and recycling

Eco flo’s packing peanuts are made from starch which is odourless and offers even better protection than polystyrene chips. They are 100% fully compostable and biodegradable, which makes them great news for the environment. Eco flo is the brand name for Green Light Products.

So let’s give the green light to eco flow biodegradable loose fill


  • Biodegradable voidfill
  • Available in 15 cft bags
  • Conforms to EN13432 which means it is environmentally friendly packaging suitable for composting and recycling
  • Starch based and dissolvable in water
  • Odourless

Use it for:

  • Adding to boxes being packed to fill any pockets of space, to absorb impact and keep contents in place during transit
  • Classroom model making, using water as the ‘adhesive’

Outstanding benefits:

  • Biodegradable and suitable for composting and recycling
  • Better impact protection than other loose fills
Brand Eco Flow
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