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Corrugated Paper Rolls

75m length rolls of corrugated paper for wrapping fragile items. 100% recycled.

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Corrugated paper rolls

Trim straight from the roll for a strong, flexible packaging paper

100% recycled, our rolls of corrugated paper are 75m in length and are available in a range of widths up to 1500mm. Delicate and breakable items may be packed in corrugated paper to give them protection from impact in transport.

A single fluted corrugated layer with a flat backing layer

Corrugated paper packing rolls are both strong and flexible because of their construction - a single fluted corrugated layer and a flat backing layer. This means they offer good impact protection, but are easily folded and moulded around items.

So let’s unroll the facts about corrugated paper rolls


  • Packing materials in 75m length rolls
  • Available in a range of widths - 300mm to 1500mm
  • Lightweight, flexible and strong construction

Use it for:

  • Packing of fragile and delicate items for storage or dispatch
  • Domestic or professional removals

Outstanding benefits:

  • Construction keeps the packaging lightweight as well as strong and flexible

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