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Economy Large Bubble Wrap

Economy large bubble wrap for greater protection at a lower cost. Other uses could include children's crafts and fancy dress.

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Economy large bubble wrap rolls

Bigger bubbles, smaller prices!

Larger bubbles mean more protection, with more consistent air padding for improved shock absorbency. Our economy large bubble wrap rolls come in 50m lengths, and widths of 300mm to 1500mm.

Great value wrapping with great big bubbles

This wrap is 45gsm and has larger bubbles for added TLC when you’re packing items to send or store. More creative uses could include sci-fi costume making and classroom junk modelling. Some people even like to pop bubbles for stress relief. But officially, economy large bubble wrap rolls are designed to cushion your breakables in a gentle layer of air while they’re out on the road or stacked in the attic.

So let’s go large for economy large bubble wrap rolls


  • Large bubble economy wrap
  • 50m lengths, 45gsm thickness, widths from 300mm to 1500mm

Use it for:

  • So many things! Wrapping is a good bet. Keep fragile items safe in transit and storage
  • Junk modeling and multi-sensory textures in the classroom

Outstanding benefits:

  • Large bubbles mean better protection
  • Economical version allows more layers at a lower cost
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