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Anti Static Bubble Wrap

Anti-static bubble wrap is widely used for packing electronic and computer components and keeping them safe from static charges, as well as absorbing impact. Pink is the industry standard for this wrap.

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Pink anti-static bubble wrap

For safe packaging of computer parts!

Well known and widely used in the computer industry, pink anti-static bubble wrap is essential kit for protecting highly sensitive components, whether they’re out for dispatch or sitting in storage ready for use. It provides efficient padding to absorb impact in transit, and it also protects against possible damage from static discharge that can often occur with electronic parts.

Easily identifiable - think pink, think anti-static

The colour pink helps you identify anti-static bubble wrap as distinct from your other bubble wrap rolls. Lightweight and cost-effective, pink anti-static bubble wrap is an essential for the stock room cupboard when you’re dealing with parts and components that need reliable anti-static protection. The 750mm width and 100m length makes this an economical choice whether you need just one roll or whether you’re buying in bulk.

So let’s discharge the details on anti-static bubble wrap


  • Bubble wrap designed as anti-static
  • Coloured pink to avoid confusion with other bubble wraps
  • 750mm x 100m rolls

Use it for:

  • Wrapping computer components and any electronic parts that need anti-static protection

Outstanding benefits:

  • Economical, lightweight and anti-static
  • Pink colour differentiates from other bubble wraps (or just pretty if you like pink)