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Jiffy ® Foam Packaging

For wrapping fragile items that need more care and softness than other wrappings (such as corrugated paper or bubble wrap) provide. A roll of Jiffy Foam will keep polished or smooth surfaces safe from scratching or scraping. Supplied in a choice of thicknesses, it protects and cushions and is ideal for flat surface packaging. 

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Jiffy ® Foam

At we supply a wide range of wraps and protective packaging materials, but Jiffy Foam is one of the most gentle and protective of all. Frequently used by retailers and packaging professionals to create a thin cushion of air between two flat surfaces, it guards against the abrasions and scuffing that other packaging materials may allow. This makes it perfect for the most fragile surfaces. Items packaged with Jiffy Foam demonstrate a high level of care and attention to detail. Introducing a layer of foam also allows polished table tops and plastic surfaces to be wrapped safely in cardboard or other materials as the foam acts as a gentle intervening layer.

The Jiffy brand of packaging supplies is well known for offering protection and safety to items that are in dispatch or transit, as well as those items placed into storage or archiving. Jiffy foam is a low density extruded polythene that's perfect for gentle shock absorption, as well as an insulator - keeping temperature even, to provide even greater protection. Thousands of tiny pockets of air contribute to this insulating, cushioning effect which is perfect for top quality professional packaging.

If you're looking for void fill or thick cushioning, you'd be better off with bubble wrap or packaging peanuts, but for those items that require some really gentle care and attention, a layer of Jiffy Foam is a superb choice. It's an item that your packaging department should keep in stock if you tend to dispatch goods that need careful handling.

Fragile items such as fine china can be wrapped in Foam to keep them safe from the inevitable bumps and rattles of shipping and transit. But it's not just delicate and fragile items that benefit. Jiffy Foam is also frequently used in layers between concrete blocks to protect smooth surfaces and minimise abrasion.

Tear reistant, anti-static, low cost and extremely versatile, Jiffy Foam is also light weight so it won't increase your postage costs. Order your Jiffy Foam from and see for yourself how versatile and well engineered a packaging product this is.

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