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Envosafe ® Protect Padded Envelopes

Envosafe ® Protect white kraft paper padded envelopes are a bubble lined light weight envelope perfect for everyday mailing. The Envosafe protect bubble envelope offers supurb value for money and also remains one of the most used padded envelopes worldwide.

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Envosafe Protect Padded Envelopes

Lightweight and padded, to care for your delivery!

A really popular product, these white kraft paper padded envelopes are available in 10 standard sizes. They are produced using FSC paper, which makes them better for the environment. They come with pre-punched holes, allowing you to use them with clips if necessary.

An old favourite for protecting packages

Great value for money, these white envelopes are not quite as padded as their white SECURE but when your priority is weight and price, they provide the perfect packaging solution.

So let’s look in a new light at our old friends the Envosafe Protect Padded Envelopes


  • Padded envelopes for protective posting
  • Choose from 10 sizes, ranging from 110mm x 165mm, right up to 350mm x 470mm (internal dimensions)
  • Designed with holes for clips
  • Easy to use ‘peel and seal’ permanent adhesive closure system
  • May be ordered in quantities of 50 to 200 depending on the size required

Use it for:

  • Lightweight parcels needing extra padding than a standard envelope offers

Outstanding benefits:

  • Another favourite for the stock cupboard
  • Trusted and reliable design
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