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Documents Enclosed Envelopes (Plain)

Top quality clear self-adhesive polythene wallets display the address on the enclosed document. 100% water resistant protective clear wallets that adhere to the side of cartons, boxes or other packages with a very strong tack adhesive. Simply by using these documents enclosed envelopes you give your packages the professional touch.

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Documents Enclosed Envelopes (Plain)

Send your relevant documentation safely stuck to the outside of the package!

Available in A4, A5, A6 or A7 sizes, these self adhesive clear polythene envelopes are ideal for delivery notes and other documents, ensuring they don’t get lost in transit. It’s a great way to achieve a secure and economical delivery of important paperwork.

A very strong adhesive tack makes these envelopes extra secure

The transparent window allows you to label and identify the contents of the package without having to open it, and you’ll know exactly where the relevant documents are when you’re sending because you’ll see them fixed in place on the outside of the package. Your postal charges will be less because you’ll be dealing with one mailed item rather than two, and the recipient will be happy because they can double check the documentation before opening the box.

So let’s check out the small print on ‘documents enclosed’ envelopes


  • Transparent, self adhesive envelopes
  • Available in sizes from A7 to A4
  • Supplied in quantities of 1000
  • Water resistant

Use it for:

  • Sending documentation along with a parcel
  • Saving on postal charges by reducing the number of items mailed
  • Convenient identification of contents without opening the package

Outstanding benefits:

  • Very clear labeling informs every handler of the package of the contents of the package and the location of documents
  • Waterproof envelope and heavy duty adhesive means additional security
  • A very convenient method for reducing costs and improving communication
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