2 Ply Paper Mailing Sacks - 330 x 100 x 710mm

2 Ply Paper Mailing Sacks 70gsm paper mailing sack manufactured with a 100mm gusset and features a stitched tape bottom closure with open mouth top for easy filling. Constructed from natural wet strength brown paper. Pack of 50.

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2 Ply Paper Mailing Sacks - 330 x 100 x 710mm

Stronger sacks, just made for mailing!

Sometimes when you’re mailing an order, gift or other item, you just need a sack that’s big enough and strong enough to take the strain. These 2 ply sacks are just the thing when you need that added size and protection for your postal contents.

Stitched tape bottom closure for durability during dispatch

Manufactured from natural wet strength brown paper, these sacks are stitched at the bottom to achieve a really strong and durable closure. The mouth is left open so that you can easily fill it with whatever contents you wish. There’s a 100mm gusset too - horrible word, but you needed to know. Basically, it’s a basic product for a basic job, but it’ll keep your contents safely protected out on the road, which is just what you want.

So let’s pry into the details of 2 ply paper mailing sacks


  • 2 ply mailing sacks made from wet strength brown paper
  • Size: 330 x 100 x 710mm
  • Open at the top, stitched at the base
  • Made from 70gsm paper

Use for:

  • Mailing contents that need a strong paper sack
  • Objects of non-standard dimensions that need ease of packaging

Outstanding benefits:

  • Strong, resilient and great value
  • Easy to fill, due to wide open mouth top
  • Stitched bottom for strong, secure closure