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Heavy Duty Polythene Bags - 500 Gauge/125 Micron

Our 500 gauge clear food safe heavy duty polythene bags come in varying sizes from 8" (200mm) to 36" (1200mm). The more common 500g sizes are supplied in a handy cardboard dispenser box. 500 gauge heavy duty polythene bags are best used when extra strength is required. Approved for food use: Manufactured from low density 100% virgin quality polythene.

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Heavy Duty Polythene Bags – 500 Gauge/ 125 Micron

Perfect for heavier duty packaging of craft accessories or toys!

These 500 Gauge bags are designed to be heavy duty to cope with items that are weightier or trickier to package. If you’re organizing bits and pieces in a workplace, home or school, you can simply bundle them into a heavy duty bag and know they’re safely organized and protected. If you work with craft materials you could sort them easily and still see the contents inside. At home, they’d be perfect for organizing jigsaw puzzle pieces, as well as Christmas decorations.

Popular sizes come in a cardboard dispenser for heavier duty use

If you’re travelling and need to keep certain belongings dry and protected, use robust heavy duty polythene bags to ensure trouble free weather protection. You can use these in conjunction with a heat sealer if you need to keep the contents completely sealed until arrival. Heavy duty polythene bags can also be closed with a bag neck sealer, or by hand, using a tie. They are food grade, so safe to use with edibles.

So let’s not make heavy work of heavy duty polythene bags – 500 Gauge/ 125 micron


  • Heavy duty bags for stronger protection and lasting performance
  • These bags are 125 micron thin thickness (500 Gauge)
  • Manufactured to be safe in food use
  • Most sizes supplied in a cardboard dispenser box
  • A wide range of sizes is available to order, from 75mm x 125mm up to 600mm x 900mm

Use it for:

  • packaging items that are more awkward to bag due to their weight or shape

Outstanding benefits:

  • Because these bags are stronger, they provide a greater resistance to tearing and puncturing
Thickness 125 Micron
Material 100% Virgin Material LDPE (Low Density Polythene)
Gauge 500 Gauge
Recyclable Yes