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Standard Pallet Wrap

Sold per roll the quality of our CAST FILM pallet wrap ensures a smooth surface, enabling the film to cling to itself without the use of additives.

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Standard Cast Film Stretch Wrap

Cast film, high-cling clear wrap!

Stretch wrap allows you to package your pallet securely and tightly, as the material naturally clings well to itself without additives. The clear finish means you can read barcodes through the packaging and for a tighter and more professional finish, why not invest in a stretch wrap dispenser.

Durable wrapping even in the deep freeze

Use clear stretch wrap for protection against dust, dirt and moisture, and for packages that need to be stored at freezing conditions. This wrap has a better memory, which means it retains it’s packaged shape for longer, keeping the contents safely under wraps. For big discounts on big orders, just give us a call!

So let’s unwrap the details on clear stretch pallet wrap


Choice of thicknesses and sizes:

  • 400mm x 200m (34 micron)
  • 400mm x 300m (20 micron)
  • 500mm x 200m (34 micron)
  • 500mm x 300m (20 micron)
  • Sold per roll – or contact us for discounts on large orders
  • Cast film pallet wrap

Use it for:

  • high visibility when wrapping barcoded contents
  • durability even in deep freeze conditions
  • tight wrapping of pallet goods in transit

Outstanding benefits:

  • quiet to use
  • discounts available on pallet quantities
  • may be used with a stretch wrap dispenser