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Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser

Using a good stretch wrap dispenser, with the correct tension setting, ensures you produce a good quality shipment. These dispensers help make your wrapping process safer and more efficient.

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Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser

Safer, more efficient - get the right wrapping tension!

Whether you’re using 400mm width, or the wider 500mm stretch wrap, wrapping by hand without a dispenser is not only a chore, it will usually result in a looser package. That can mean goods damaged in transit and an increase in the amount of wrapping material you end up having to use. However, with a decent dispenser set to the optimum tension, you’ll be ready to wrap safely, securely and cost-efficiently in no time at all.

Blown or cast stretch films - wrapped at optimum tension

Our stretch wrap hand dispenser gives you a more efficient wrap. It also saves money by not wasting materials on winding excess film round and round to reinforce a badly wrapped package. Suitable for both blown films and cast films, a wrap dispenser will result in tighter, more durable packages.

So let’s hand you all the information on the stretch wrap hand dispenser


  • Takes 400 to 500mm width films
  • Can be used with both blown and cast film stretch wraps

Use it for:

  • Getting the optimum tension when stretch wrapping packages
  • Achieving a tighter, more secure wrap than is possible by hand alone

Outstanding benefits:

  • Professional finish with stretch wrap film
  • One size dispenser fits film from 400 to 500mm width

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