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Pallet Wrap Mini Dispenser

These pallet wrap mini dispensers help make your wrapping process safer and more efficient. Using a good dispenser, with the correct tension setting, ensures you produce a good quality shipment.

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Mini pallet wrap dispenser

For tightly wrapped little bundles and packages!

This little beauty is indispensible when it comes to wrapping smaller scale shipments. If you’ve tried stretch wrapping packages by hand you’ll know how any looseness in the tension of the packaging can leave your contents open to damage during transport and delivery. But with the mini pallet wrap dispenser you’ll be able to achieve the optimum tension, to wrap a safe and secure package that remains intact however far it has to travel.

A 100mm width with the professional finish of much larger size dispensers

Just like our larger sized wrap dispensers, this mini version will result in a professional finish, with pallets that are wrapped tightly and safely, giving you and your clients much more peace of mind during transportation.

So here’s the big news about the mini pallet wrap dispenser


  • Hand held stretch wrap dispenser
  • Takes 100mm widths of film

Use it for:

  • Best results on smaller scale stretch wrapping

Outstanding benefits:

  • Helps you achieve the optimum tension with stretch wrapping film
  • Tightly wrapped contents are less prone to damage in transit