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Polythene Layflat Tubing - Medium Duty 250 Gauge

Medium duty 250 gauge polythene layflat tubing, for cutting to size. Available in a wide range of widths from 50mm to 1200mm.

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Lay Flat Clear Polythene Tubing – 250g

250 gauge polythene tubing for medium duty bags!

With layflat tubing you can create your own polythene bags at whatever depth you require. Simply use in conjunction with your preferred sealing method to create tailor made polythene packaging to suit your needs. We can supply layflat polythene in a range of 16 different widths, starting at 50mm and going up to a full 1200mm.

Choose between heat sealing, stapling, taping or tying to suit the use

The polythene is 100% virgin low density, and because it’s food grade, you can use it in the kitchen or catering business safely and hygienically. You can create a permanently sealed, watertight polythene covering by sealing at both ends, or a standard polythene bag by leaving one end open. Because the polythene is clear you’ll be able to see the contents at a glance.

So lets seal the deal on lay flat clear polythene tubing


  • Rolls of polythene tubing in 250 gauge thickness
  • Available widths come in 16 different sizes from 50mm to 1200mm
  • 100% virgin low density polythene
  • Food grade

Use it for:

  • Making your own bags and polythene tubes by cutting to size
  • Sealing with a heat sealer, bag neck sealer, hand ties or tape (all available to order separately)

Outstanding benefits:

  • Flexibility to create your own bags at other than standard depths to suit your needs
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