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Medium Heavy Duty Polythene Bags - 250 Gauge/ 62.5 Micron

Our 250 gauge clear food safe medium duty polythene bags come in varying sizes from 6" (150mm) to 18" (450mm). The more common 250g sizes are supplied in a handy cardboard dispenser box. Approved for food use: Manufactured from low density 100% virgin quality polythene.

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Medium Heavy Duty Polythene Bags – 250 Gauge/ 62.50 Micron

A slightly stronger medium duty polythene bag!

You can always find a use for a polythene bag, so whether at home or at work it’s worth having plenty in the store cupboard. Organising stationery items, food supplies, craft accessories, toys and games is a much simpler task when you choose just the right sized bag. And these come in a wide range of 15 sizes, so you can decide exactly what you need.

Seal with a heat sealer, bag neck sealer, or by hand using ties

Our medium duty polythene bags are food grade, so you can save money by using them to store leftovers and keep the last few slices or other food items rather than throwing useable contents away and buying a new full pack. It makes sense not to waste what could still be good for another meal if it was stored properly. In medium duty polythene bags, you can be sure of keeping dry contents fresh and crisp for longer, or retain the moisture so that the contents won’t dry out.

So let’s open up medium heavy duty polythene bags – 250 Gauge/ 62.50 Micron


  • Slightly heavier medium gauge polythene bags in 15 sizes
  • May be sealed using ties, a bag neck sealer or heat sealer (available separately)
  • Supplied in quantities of 250, 500 or 1000 bags
  • Polythene is 250 gauge/ 62.50 micron thickness
  • Food grade polythene, so safe for kitchen use
  • The most popular sizes come in a dispenser for added convenience
  • Sizes available range from 600mm x 900mm down to 75mm x 125mm

Use it for:

  • General food storage, as well as organization of items in the home, office, school or workshop
  • Some hobbies, where medium duty protection is needed, as in fishing or collecting

Outstanding benefits:

  • Because you can choose from a very wide range of sizes, you can select exactly the right dimensions for the project you have in mind
  • Supplied in large quantities, we can provide enough for commercial volumes of use as well as the well stocked home
Thickness 62.5 Micron
Material 100% Virgin Material LDPE (Low Density Polythene)
Gauge 250 Gauge
Recyclable Yes