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Grip Seal Polythene Bags

Grip seal polythene bag's air tight fastening enables the bags to click shut and pull open. All sizes come packed in 1000 self seal bags.

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Plain Polythene Self Seal Bags

Self-sealing - for sealing and resealing!

A self seal bag by any other name – for example, Supagrip, Minigrip, Grippa, Ziplock, Zipper, Self Seal – makes little difference as they’re all basically this product. Grip-seal zip lock bags can be used to store your stamp collection, your lunchtime doughnut, or the script from your latest novel. In the office at home, or out and about, polythene resealable bags have countless uses.

45 microns thickness and available in 19 different sizes

Sold in quantities of 1000, plain self seal bags come as small as 40mm x 65mm, right up to A4. Your business is bound to find an excellent use for just the right sized resealable polythene bag.

So let’s reseal the deal on plain polythene self seal bags


  • 45 microns (180 gauge) thickness
  • available from sizes 40mm x 65mm right up to 230 to 325mm (A4)
  • numerous uses in business, for hobbies and the home
  • order in quantities of 1000

Use it for:

  • sorting fishing tackle, packed lunches, craft supplies and documents
  • numerous other resealing needs

Outstanding benefits:

  • wide range of sizes
  • resealable numerous times – so very economical