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Polypropylene Twine - 450m Large Spool Twine

Polypropylene Twine - 450m Large Spool Twine for tying and binding. Extra strength, virtually unbreakable. Centre pull spool for tangle-free unwinding.

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Polypropylene Twine

General purpose twine on a large centre pull spool!

If you use twine, then you’ll definitely be thankful for 450m of it. For jobs where twine gets used, longer lengths mean extra strength and flexibility, and you can never have enough. Whether in the home, school or office you’ll always find a job where polypropylene twine comes into its own.

Packing, gardening, tying, stringing, pulleys, kite making…

Twine is another of those desert island wish list resources that have far more uses than you might at first imagine. If you were actually on a desert island, this could be just the thing to help construct a lifesaving raft as it’s virtually unbreakable and great for tying most things. (NB. We haven’t tested it for raft building with palm trees).

So let’s string out the details on polypropylene twine


  • A roll of extremely strong polypropylene twine
  • Supplied on a large spool with a centre pull for tangle-free use

Use it for:

  • Home, office, school or garden
  • Tying, bundling, packaging, organising
  • Tie dyeing, designing, creating and playing
  • Countless other uses

Outstanding benefits:

  • This twine is virtually unbreakable
  • Supplied in a large roll it is a stock room or utliity cupboard essential
  • The large centre pull spool avoids tangling and knotting