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Stationery Rubber Bands

Rubber bands for a range of uses in the home and work place. Choose any of 7 sizes, or an assorted pack.

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Stationery Rubber Bands

A basic essential office supply in a range of sizes!

Rubber bands have a million uses. Counting money, wrapping letters and parcels, sorting pens, and keeping index cards in one place – those are just some of the more sensible ones. Whether you keep them loose in the drawer, wrapped around your pencil pot, fashioned into a record-breaking sized bouncy ball, or bundled in commercial volumes on the shelf, there’s always a need for a rubber band.

454g bags of rubber bands in 7 sizes, or an assorted selection

If you tend to use a wide range of different sizes, then simply order the assorted bag and you’ll receive a very handy 454g supply of the whole range of bands. However, if there’s a specific size you need for the job, then we can supply many of the standard sizes, from 16 to 63. (If you just like to fire them across the office, then we advise ordering a medium sized band, for optimum distance and accuracy.)

So let’s bounce around ideas about stationery rubber bands


  • Rubber bands supplied in bags of 454g
  • Standard sizes available: 16, 19, 30, 32, 33, 36, 63
  • Bags containing assorted sized rubber bands are also available

Use it for:

  • Mailing, stationery, office and domestic needs
  • The garden or workshop, for bundling materials or creating mechanisms
  • A wide range of uses, including craft and modeling

Outstanding benefits:

  • Ordering in a range of sizes allows you to choose just the right sized rubber band for the job
  • The 454g bag is an economical and convenient way to order
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