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Plain White Self Adhesive Labels

Round, square or rectangular sticky labels for lots of different uses in the home or workplace. A variety of sizes are available.

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Plain White Self Adhesive Labels

Sticky labels, perfect for any time you need a sticky label!

Round, square or rectangular, self adhesive labels come in handy all the time. You can use them in the home to label the contents of boxes, or to recycle used envelopes. Retailers use them to add prices to goods and to keep their stock in order. In the office, plain white adhesive labels always come in handy for sorting and organizing paperwork, and you can even use them to label people in a workshop scenario or away day.

Supplied in quantities of 250 or 1000

These peelable labels can be ordered in large quantities at a very economical price. Various sizes are available to suit every requirement. Write on them with a marker pen for a clear and organized working environment. Or stick them on everyone’s back for an impromptu game of ‘Who Am I?’.

So let’s peel back the details of plain white self adhesive labels


  • Plain, peelable sticky labels in white
  • Available as round, square or rectangular
  • Wide array of sizes
  • Quantities of 250 or 1000 are available, depending on the size

Use it for:

  • Home, office, retail, educational, postal supplies

Outstanding benefits:

  • The large quantities supplied mean you always have labels in stock when you need them
  • They come in a versatile range of sizes and shapes, so that they can be used for even more jobs, projects and creativity
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