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Black Compactor Sacks - 560 x 850 x 1190mm

Suitable even for heavy duty commercial use, even stronger than a standard black sack but not quite a strong as a rubble sack. Available in boxes of 100 black sacks.

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Black compactor sacks

Stronger black sacks for industrial use!

For those jobs where a standard black sack is just not strong enough, black compactor sacks offer a thicker, stronger alternative, suitable even for heavy commercial use.

288 gauge/ 72 micron – making them strong enough for professional waste

Compactor sacks are large, convenient bags made to transport contents that need serious reinforcement. Stronger than our everyday refuse sacks, though not quite as strong as rubble sacks, black compactor sacks offer a level of robustness somewhere between the two.

So let’s get comprehensive about black compactor sacks


  • Strong, black compactor sacks, suitable for industrial and commerical use
  • 288 gauge/ 72 micron thickness
  • Available in boxes of 100
  • 560mm x 850mm x 1190mm

Use it for:

  • Transporting or disposing of building materials
  • Heavier duty contents than normal everyday black sacks can cope with

Outstanding benefits:

  • Economical option for waste disposal in the building trade
  • Stronger than everyday black refuse sacks