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Yellow Dusters

Yellow Cotton Dusters - Size: 508mm x 355mm - Qty: 10 yellow dusters - Made from 100% cotton

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Yellow Dusters

When you’ve gotta dust, you’ve gotta dust!

These yellow cotton dusters come packs of 10 so you’ll have no excuse not to keep your environment completely dust free! They are great for dusting any hard surface and you’ll find them useful for other household jobs too, like shoe and metal polishing.

So let’s dust off the details on yellow dusters


  • Yellow dusters in 100% cotton
  • One size available: 508mm x 356mm
  • Available in packs of 10

Use it for:

  • Household and general dusting
  • Polishing shoes, metal and woodwork

Outstanding benefits:

  • These are inexpensive and will provide you with many hours of dusting!

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