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1-2 Bedroom Home Moving Kits

Your moving date is set and you’re ready to start your packing! We take the hassle out of moving with our 1-2 bedroom kit, specially designed to accommodate all your belongings. Make your moving day a total success with safe transportation of your products with our protective packaging.

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Box bonus of 3 extra moving boxes for £3.60 instead of £4.65 only when you purchase the 1-2 bedroom moving kit!

Extra box bundle: 457x457x457 mm Double Walled Moving Boxes – Heavy Duty

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1-2 Bedroom Home Moving Kits

Enough boxes for one or two people to move house together! Our 1-2 bedroom home moving kits come with a variety of packing boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive packing tape and even a pen. Our home moving kits are one of our best selling items and offer tremendous value for money.

Moving house brings its own stresses and strains, but with a home moving kit you won’t have to add packing to the list of headaches because you’ll have strong, clean and fresh, double wall boxes and packing materials all to hand. That saves time in sourcing second hand boxes, it saves breakages from not having the right, strong enough packing materials, and it saves worries at the other end from wondering what survived the move and what didn’t!

Double wall boxes for extra strength and resilience

Packing in double wall boxes means you can be sure the contents will be safe, even with the usual bumps and shocks that happen in the removal process. And if you need to keep your things stored for longer at the other end, the double walled strength means you can feel confident that they will remain safe and cared for until you’re ready to unpack everything.

So let’s single out the details of 1-2 Bedroom Home Moving Kits


  • A complete house moving kit for 1- 2 people, containing 17 double wall cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, PVC tape with pistol grip dispenser, a pack of 480 sheets of tissue paper (500mm x 750 mm) and a black marker pen.
  • Boxes come in 3 sizes (small: 305mm cube, medium: 475mm x 475mm x 305mm, large: 475mm cube)
  • The 1-2 Bedroom Moving Kit comes with 6 small boxes, 8 medium, and 3 large

Use it for:

  • Making your house removal that bit less stressful, by supplying all the packaging resources you need in one single order

Outstanding benefits:

  • High quality protection from the double walled construction of the boxes
  • Providing a variety of sizes means you can pack all your things away conveniently and safely
  • Alternative or additional house moving kits can be bought for larger or smaller scale house moves
Colour Brown
Board Grade 125K/B/125T
Carton Style 0201
Flute B
Delivered Flat Packed

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