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Student Home Moving Kit

Off to college or university?  This tailored moving kit will get you settled into your first accommodation from home in style! We know using products from sustainable sources will be important to you -  so we’ve thought about that too!

Our student home moving kits come with a variety of packing boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive packing tape and even a marker pen. Our moving kit bundles are best sellers and offer tremendous value for money.

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Just in case you need some extra temporary storage for your clothes:

Grab a removal wardrobe box for only £5.00 instead of £7.20 only when bought with our student moving kit!  

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Student Home Moving Kits

Our smallest sized home moving kit, for students!

If you’re a student moving into new accommodation, you may not have the furniture of a larger family, but you probably still have tons of stuff that needs great protection in the move. Our double wall boxes will make sure your computing gear, files and books, music collection, clothes, (and your secret teddy bear) all get safely transported to your new place.

Comes with bubble wrap and tape so you can keep fragile things safe too

Because our student home moving kit comes with 8 boxes in different sizes, you should be able to find a space for everything. We also send you wrapping materials to make sure fragile items get safely protected too. PVC tape for sealing the boxes comes as standard, and even a permanent marker pen, which we know you’ll use sensibly for labeling boxes and not for drawing fake moustaches on your sleeping friends.

So let’s study the details of Student Home Moving Kits


  • Student Home Moving Kit containing 8 double wall cardboard boxes, plus packing materials
  • 3 sizes of box - small: 305mm cube, medium: 475mm x 475mm x 305mm, large: 475mm cube
  • The student kit includes 3 small boxes, 3 medium, and 2 large
  • A roll of bubble wrap (300mm x 100m), a roll of PVC tape and a pack of 480 sheets of tissue paper (500mm x 750 mm)
  • Permanent black marker pen

Use it for:

  • Packing everything you need for student life, safely and securely

Outstanding benefits:

  • With bubble wrap, PVC tape and a black marker pen supplied, there’s no excuse for not wrapping up those fragile items safely for transit
Colour Brown
Board Grade 150K/BC/125T
Carton Style 0201
Flute B
Delivered Flat Packed