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Buy quality adhesive packing tape at some of the best prices online, cheap economy packaging tape available

Our top quality adhesive tapes are professional quality and great value. Whether you’re stocking up on supplies for your busy packaging area, or need to find just the right design of tape for your home project, look no further.

We supply heavy duty strapping tape strong enough for bundling steel rods or taping crates for export. Low noise or silent tapes are perfect for use in noisy packaging areas. We have tapes pre-printed with messages for fragile and precious parcels, as well as book binding and professional photographic tapes. If you’re staging a performance and need to stock up on Gaffer Tape, or if you’re making a scale model of Tracy Island out of cereal boxes and need a few extra rolls of Scotch Tape, it’s all here - just a click away.

Also available are our very popular tape guns and dispensers for fast and easy sealing - the hand held pistol grip makes quick work of awkward shapes and high volumes.


Printed & Message Tapes

Clear delivery of the message to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel

When you have handling instructions you need to get clearly and quickly across to anyone dealing with your parcel, our polypropylene and vinyl printed packing tape provides the ideal solution. With bright red letters on a white background, no one will miss the Fragile tape or Caution tape you attach to the cardboard boxes containing your fragile goods. Our range of pre printed tape includes messages such as Fragile, Handle With Care, Advice Note Enclosed etc. Don't take a chance - get your fragile packing tape from Online Packaging Shop today and save money with our generous discounts on large orders!

Vinyl & Special Tapes

Big discounts on coloured packing tape, double sided tape, bag tape etc.

For all your packaging and industrial needs, choose from our comprehensive range of vinyl and special packaging tape, for trade and retail use. From vinyl tape for general carton sealing to coloured vinyl tapes, perfect for coding and identification purposes. Tapes for special needs include masking tape, double sided tape and hook and loop tape. With narrow vinyl tapes for bag sealing and waterproof duct tape also available, Online Packaging Shop always has the packing tape you need to get the job done. And don't forget our huge range of handy tape dispensers, designed to keep your operations fast and tidy at all times. All at the best prices and available now for speedy delivery!

Polypropylene Packaging Tapes

Every professional packaging department needs a good supply of packaging tapes!

We supply ranges for carton sealing, labelling packages as ‘fragile’, or cutting down the noise in the packaging area. We’ve got clear tape and brown tape, and multi-coloured hot melt adhesive tape. If you need tape gun dispensers we have those too.

Our polypropylene packaging tapes come in a range of sizes and colours, all designed to provide a professional and effective seal at an economical price. For great value, consider our economy polypropylene packaging tape which comes in clear or brown. If you’re packing in high volumes or need to work more quickly and efficiently these rolls can be used with taping machines (available separately) but they’re also perfect for taping by hand. They provide strength and resilience and are highly versatile, so worth stocking up on. Quantities of 36 or 72 are available to order.

We also supply low noise tape, which is perfect for busy packaging areas where the noise of taping and sealing can get unbearable after a while. It’s almost silent to use, which is a big improvement on the loud screeching that can occur with some tapes. Our hot melt adhesive tapes are available in a range of popular colour choices, so that you can colour code your contents for quick identification. These can also be used with or without a tape dispenser.

Order in higher volumes for bigger discounts and ensure your packaging area is never running low of polypropylene packing tapes. We’re here to keep you supplied so when you’re looking for packaging tapes we hope you’ll stick with us!

Gummed Paper Tape & Dispensers

Choose gummed paper tape for a greener, high security, low cost tape option

Gummed paper tape has a lot going for it. It’s always been a popular choice for picture framers, but when you think out of the box (as well as for sealing the box!) there are countless other ways in which it could be your new best friend in the packaging area too. It’s low cost for a start, providing a very economical packaging option, and if you need especially high quantities, contact us to see if we can offer you discounted prices. But as well as economical, it’s tamper proof – if the seal is tampered with, there’s no disguising  the fact without completely retaping. That makes it great for archiving private documents and for peace of mind.

Gummed paper tape is also surprisingly durable, with a very long lasting performance. The adhesive becomes activated on contact with water, and then the bond penetrates into the fibres of the cardboard or paper packaging to create an impressively effective seal. And as if all that wasn’t enough, the environmental credentials of our gummed paper are another important selling point. Unlike so many other packaging tapes it’s 100% recyclable, making it eco-friendly and kinder to the planet.

Come to us for tape dispensers too. They can transform your carton sealing jobs into a fast and efficient process that gets through high volumes of packaging much more quickly and easily. So when you’re considering the benefits of gummed paper tape, even if you’ve never tried it before give it a go. We offer great deals on packaging tapes and dispensers.

Label & Tape Dispensers

If you can't find the dispenser you need here, you won't find it anywhere!

For a more efficient packing operation, a parcel tape gun or packing tape dispenser will increase your productivity, smarten up your packaging and in some cases even save you money! No matter what kind of tape gun best suits your business, we can help - from an economic pistol grip tape dispenser for reliable everyday packing to an extra heavy duty tape dispenser for the most demanding environment, or even an automatic tape dispenser to provide just the amount of tape you need, cutting waste and saving you money. You'll also find bench top tape dispensers and label dispensers as well as a hand held parcel tape dispenser for every conceivable requirement.

Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tapes keep's your company and message front of mind!

Here’s a versatile and time saving product that could make all the difference to your business. Our custom printed adhesive tape is professional quality vinyl tape in a choice of colours that will quickly and easily label your packaging or other surface with whatever message and/or logo you choose.

Perhaps you want to have your company branding visible on your packages. Simply upload your artwork and we’ll print it on the vinyl tape. Print areas of up to 43mm x 300mm can be used, with the message or design being repeated along the length of the roll. The basic tape is white, and you can choose up to two different colours for printing – perhaps choosing a different background colour and then having a contrasting colour for your message. If you need assistance in getting to grips with the requirements for design just get in touch with us.

All sorts of messages could help smooth the process of dispatch and delivery or storage. Custom printed adhesive tape is a quick and highly visible way to inform people of a dangerous area, fragile contents, priority orders, this way up, or even to wish them seasonal greetings!

We supply rolls of 66m length high quality printed tape, and in boxes of 36, which means you can have miles and miles of personalised messaging if you need it. Make your business packaging stand out from the rest with bold and impressive colours in a superior finish that says just what you want it to say.

Glass Reinforced Filament Tapes

Glass reinforced filament tapes - designed for very heavy duty packaging, bundling and banding!

Not all tapes are the same. Sometimes you need tape to come with a pre-printed message in a bold and vibrant colour. Sometimes you need tape you can tear by hand or keep in the drawer for gifts, crafts and junk modelling. And sometimes you need a tape that can be lifted and repositioned if you change your mind. And then there are glass reinforced filament tapes. Reinforced filament tapes are not in the same league as the rest. They are manufactured with a serious job to do, and it isn’t about wrapping your Christmas presents. (Unless of course you asked Santa for export quantities of industrial steel rods in bundles. In that case, we take it all back, this tape is ideal for the job!)

Glass reinforced filament tapes are maximum strength and designed for very heavy duty packaging, bundling and banding. You’ll need a very sharp knife or purpose made cutter to get through this tape because it’s designed for endurance and the highest performance.

Words that just don’t apply to glass reinforced filament tape are ripping, splitting, tearing. Extremely reliable and going where most tapes couldn’t dream of going, it will endure massive stress and strain without snapping or breaking. The construction includes glass fibre, and the adhesive is industrial strength. That means that even non-standard shapes, bundles of heavy duty materials and other unwieldy deliveries can all be held firmly in place.

Our rolls of glass reinforced filament tape are 50m in length and come in a choice of widths, from 25mm to 75mm. They represent great value for money because they’re suitable for even very heavy duty goods for export.

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