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Our everyday food containers are designed for practicality!

When you’re working with food, there’s a lot to think about in terms of storage and presentation. Obviously you need to wrap and seal all your edibles safely and hygienically to avoid health concerns, so it goes without saying that all our food container ranges and food wrapping products are food-safe. But even beyond that, there are other essential features to consider when you’re choosing food containers.

As a catering professional you already know how important the appearance is when you’re selling food. Customers want to see what they’re getting, so transparency and high visibility is important when you’re stocking counters and display fridges. Cake boxes and Swedish trays allow surface protection of sweet and savoury items while setting the contents in full view. Salad boxes and sandwich cartons need to be completely clear, or have a transparent panel through which the contents can be identified at a glance. What they see will determine whether they buy, so it’s essential to get it right and give your food a tempting and tasty visual appeal.

You’ll also want to think about protection, strength and stability so that food that’s being transported or eaten outside is easy to hold, won’t tip the contents everywhere, and can, perhaps, be sealed to keep leftovers for later or for tidy disposal. Our food containers are designed for practicality. Polystyrene containers will help keep the food at the right temperature. We also supply reusable microwaveable containers with lids in a choice of sizes, suitable for commercial kitchen use or for serving takeaway food.

So make us your first choice for food containers and you can trust we know what we’re talking about.

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