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Polythene - perfect protection for packaging pallets professionally

That’s easy for us to say!  When you want a smart and robust finish, you’ll probably want a stretch wrap dispenser. Or perhaps an extended core pallet – giving you better handling. Or maybe pre-stretched film rolls, which are the strongest and most eco-friendly on the market! Look through our polythene supplies and you could learn a thing or two about improving your efficiency, getting the best bargains and discounts, and achieving higher quality, more robust packaging. 

Come to us if you’re looking for polythene packaging supplies. That one click could make all the difference.


Clear Polythene Bags

These quality low density clear polythene bags are 100% suitable for food use

High quality, low density, and 100% food safe, our polythene bags are completely suitable for catering and food storage use. But food isn’t the only thing you can fill our polythene bags with! They are a really versatile and indispensible resource for homes, workplaces, shops, schools and practically anywhere that waterproof, small scale, transparent handy storage is required. We supply light, medium and heavy duty thicknesses of polythene bag.  Our heaviest duty bags are a full 500 Gauge, which means you can trust them for use with heavier contents in the workshop and expect great quality protection and robust performance.

If you order our lightest duty polythene bags at 120 Gauge, they’re perfect for sandwiches and the contents of your fridge or freezer, among other uses. Many of our bags are supplied in cardboard box dispensers for optimum convenience, and our prices are highly economical, especially if you’re looking to buy in bulk. Clear polythene makes it easy to identify the contents at a glance, and because our polythene bags are food-friendly, they are perfect for the kitchen and the shop counter, without any worries about health and safety.

When you’re looking to seal them, a quick knot in the neck could be just the thing. But we also supply purpose-built bag sealers for the job – heat sealers, bag ties, bag neck sealers – all fit for professional use. They’ll keep your contents watertight, waterproof, safe from contamination, and clean and fresh for later use.

Our polythene bags – just another reason we’re bursting with enthusiasm over packaging supplies!

Polythene Tubing & Heat Sealers

Polythene tubing is like polythene bags that just don’t end… until you need them to!

If you have an object that needs a long polythene tube for protection, the only question left to ask is how long? Our tubing can be cut to the exact size you need, and with the long length rolls we supply, you’ll be able create tube after tube after tube. Tailor-made polythene bags are no problem. Simply choose the width of tubing you need and apply a heat sealer for a watertight, secure and permanent seal. Whether you need shallow or deep polythene bags, you can create them in exactly the dimensions to fit the bill.

Choose a heat sealer with or without an integral cutter, as you wish. With a cutter is great if you want the convenience of sealing and cutting a polythene bag to size in one smooth action. Without a cutter, you can create a series of sealed pouches of contents, all safely sealed for future use. Our sealers are perfect for on demand sealing, with little or no warm up time and a high quality professional performance that will handle all your polythene sealing jobs, whether you’re using polythene tubing or ready-made polythene bags.

With such a wide choice of polythene tubing widths and polythene thicknesses available you can size your own packaging to suit your product whether you’re packing pin cushions or sofa cushions, locks or lockets, bookmarks or bookcases. We like to think our one stop shop for versatile packaging brings together a whole high street of traders, united in their quest for the perfect packaging solutions.

Polythene Sheeting

There are days when polythene sheeting is the only thing that will do!

Perhaps you’re carrying out a DIY job and you need 100% waterproof covering to keep your materials dry. Maybe you’re working in the allotment and the compost heap needs water resistant protection. Or is it a roofing job you’re about to work on and the storm clouds are coming? Sports day and the whole school need a dry place to sit? Going camping? A spot of gardening? Cast away on a remote desert island and needing shelter from the monsoon rains and falling coconuts? Don’t worry, we all get days like these.

Fortunately, we supply enough polythene sheeting for everyone! Clear or black, up to 1000 Gauge, centre folded for convenience and a width of 2 metres, it’s a highly durable, multifunctional resource. In a tenuous reference to a Michelle Pfeiffer film from the year 2000, if you need to see ‘What Lies Beneath’ then go for polythene sheeting of the clear variety. It’s thick, strong, and has none of that impossible-to-see-through quality of black plastic sheeting.

On the other hand, if you just want to make sure your stack of firewood isn’t ‘Gone With The Wind’ or soaked in a sudden ‘Downfall’ then you might choose to go for black polythene sheeting instead. That has the added bonus of covering up everything underneath and keeping it out of sight – ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

But enough with the tenuous film references. Here’s the thing: Polythene sheeting. It will always leave you singing in the rain.

Polypropylene Sacks

Made from woven polypropylene, polypropylene sacks are durable, strong, lightweight and difficult to tear

They’re also breathable which makes them ideal for packaging agricultural supplies and natural materials. Grain, coal, wood, sand… so many different uses make polypropylene sacks an extremely versatile and convenient packaging resource. They’re also highly economical, so well worth buying in bulk.

If you trade in products or supplies that need to be carried or shipping by the sack load, or if you’re storing materials or resources that need breathable packaging, polypropylene sacks are indispensible. They provide a perfect solution for a wide range of uses. You can use them to store sports equipment, and then when you’ve emptied them out, why not try a high quality sack race! We don’t have the stats about their performance on the field but we’d place bets on it being a durable option for serious sack racers. Polypropylene sacks have been a popular talking point ever since stone age times, when cave men would sit around their camp fires of an evening, bonding over a woolly mammoth madras and a pint of sabre tooth tiger beer, saying (grunting, really) what a shame it was that polypropylene sacks hadn’t yet been invented.

Thousands of year later, and since the invention of the polypropylene sack there’s been no stopping the development of civilization.  Even if it’s not a direct link, you have to admit that in a world without polypropylene sacks there were no smart phones, space travel or pizza. Polypropylene sacks – what would Father Christmas use?

Grip Seal Bags

There are bags, and then there are grip seal polythene bags!

5% Grip seal bag discountEveryone loves the convenience of a grip seal bag because they are so easy to seal you can do it with just a finger and thumb. The environment loves them too because as the seal can be closed and opened time and time again, there’s less wastage. Who are they useful for? The question is more, who are they not useful for!

To be honest, grip seal bags have so many uses, you could almost give them away as birthday presents. Almost.

Ours come in a range of sizes – fishing tackle size, rare stamp size, silver ring size, as well as A4 document size, craft or stationery size, and more than a few odds ‘n ends sizes. Some even have write on panels for you to add a use-by date or the owner’s name.

Another great feature of the grip seal bag is that it doesn’t need to come with instructions. Even the most inexperienced grip seal bag user will instinctively place their contents on the inside of the bag (making full us of its bag qualities) and then naturally create a superb seal – gripping and gliding their finger and thumb along the top open edge in a swift and silent motion that is every bit as satisfying to carry out as it sounds.

In the event that the sealing action is less than obvious to the user we’ve done our best to point it out. Grip seal bags. The clue’s in the name.

Pallet Wrap & Stretch Film

Pallet wrap and stretch film is an indispensible packaging material, which is why we sell it in so many different sizes and ranges

5% Stretch wrap discountBlack pallet wrap is excellent for industrial packaging where you need strength and security for a pallet load of contents. Ours is great quality and PIFA approved. We’ve also got clear pallet wrap that is ideal for use in deep freeze conditions. Order extended core pallet wrap for a better hold when you’re wrapping – it has extra long inner cardboard core, giving you a good grip when working by hand.

Looking for a pallet wrap dispenser? We supply a range of those too – like our handy mini sizes for smaller packing jobs, or when you’re working in confined spaces. There’s also the stretch wrap hand dispenser for widths of up to 500mm, which is suitable for both blown or cast film stretch wraps. Dispensers allow you to create a much tighter wrap than is achievable by hand, which also means you save money by not having to add an extra few layers.

Stretch wrap gives great protection against dust and moisture and keeps the contents safely protected. Choose the clear version and you can even read the barcodes hidden inside the packages, which is an invaluable timesaver.

So when you’re looking for great value pallet wrap and stretch film, you’ve come to the right place. Fantastic value, a great range, and just like our film, we’ll stretch to accommodate whatever size and shape of order you require.

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