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Ever wondered whether it was possible to buy Kraft paper in rolls as well as sheets?

Well we have the answer, and we think you’ll like it, because… yes, you can! This Kraft paper comes in a choice of thicknesses too. Select 70gsm or 90gsm to get a strong and durable packing resource, whether you opt for sheets or rolls. Have we mentioned, the Kraft paper rolls and sheets we supply are ribbed. That makes the paper even stronger, even more protective than unribbed sheets and rolls. When you’re buying the sheets you’ll be able to order in quantities of 250 or 125 – a really economical way and convenient of getting all the Kraft paper you need. The sheets save you the time and effort of cutting to size, which means a speedier packing process and a great stock room basic for your packing area.

Our brown Kraft paper rolls are perfect for wrapping pictures, mirrors and larger items of up to 280m in length! That’s more than 18 ½ double decker buses. (What on earth are you wrapping – the Humber Bridge?!!) They come in pure or imitation, for environmentally friendly or economical options and in widths up to 1500mm. Use for backing picture frames to give a professional finish. You can even scrunch it up to make an effective void filler.

So when you’re looking for a picture-backing, void-filling, mirror-wrapping, scrunchable, recyclable, rollable, foldable, economical packaging resource, just come to us for Kraft paper. That’s right - rolls as well as sheets!

  • Kraft paper rolls for packaging larger objects. Kraft paper can be cut to size on the counter top. Read the full product description.

    £ 22.48
  • This VCI-coated paper is used to protect ferrous metals from rusting in both transit and storage Read the full product description.

    £ 64.27
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