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Bubble wrap – the most unlikely packaging product that everyone likes the most!

Highly protective packaging that will keep your fragile items safe from the knocks and jolts of the dispatch journey, bubble wrap is a very popular packaging product. Used for storage or shipping, packing or even popping, it has the sort of space age look that makes you wonder what literal genius came up with that idea. We supply small rolls of bubble wrap as well as large sheets. We’ve also got an anti static bubble wrap in every techie’s favourite shade of pink, especially designed for sensitive electrical and computing components that need shielding from static charges as well as impact-absorbing padding.

We even have bubble wrap designed for more compact storage, with bubbles that are actually configured to interlock and so roll tighter, creating a much smaller diameter for the same length of roll. If you’re in the home removals business, why not stock up on handy rolls of bubble wrap for quick and easy packaging of smaller items. Or if you send larger goods – mirrors, pictures, glass – select a larger roll or sheet and you’ll have peace of mind from knowing the contents couldn’t be in safer hands. Or bubbles.

Let’s face it, if you had to pick a packaging supply that would also be great at parties, bubble wrap would be it. It’s perfectly formed, tactile, fun to be with, and when you’re feeling fragile after a heavy night it would hang around protectively and make sure you got home safely.

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