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Made from woven polypropylene, polypropylene sacks are durable, strong, lightweight and difficult to tear

They’re also breathable which makes them ideal for packaging agricultural supplies and natural materials. Grain, coal, wood, sand… so many different uses make polypropylene sacks an extremely versatile and convenient packaging resource. They’re also highly economical, so well worth buying in bulk.

If you trade in products or supplies that need to be carried or shipping by the sack load, or if you’re storing materials or resources that need breathable packaging, polypropylene sacks are indispensible. They provide a perfect solution for a wide range of uses. You can use them to store sports equipment, and then when you’ve emptied them out, why not try a high quality sack race! We don’t have the stats about their performance on the field but we’d place bets on it being a durable option for serious sack racers. Polypropylene sacks have been a popular talking point ever since stone age times, when cave men would sit around their camp fires of an evening, bonding over a woolly mammoth madras and a pint of sabre tooth tiger beer, saying (grunting, really) what a shame it was that polypropylene sacks hadn’t yet been invented.

Thousands of year later, and since the invention of the polypropylene sack there’s been no stopping the development of civilization.  Even if it’s not a direct link, you have to admit that in a world without polypropylene sacks there were no smart phones, space travel or pizza. Polypropylene sacks – what would Father Christmas use?