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There are days when polythene sheeting is the only thing that will do!

Perhaps you’re carrying out a DIY job and you need 100% waterproof covering to keep your materials dry. Maybe you’re working in the allotment and the compost heap needs water resistant protection. Or is it a roofing job you’re about to work on and the storm clouds are coming? Sports day and the whole school need a dry place to sit? Going camping? A spot of gardening? Cast away on a remote desert island and needing shelter from the monsoon rains and falling coconuts? Don’t worry, we all get days like these.

Fortunately, we supply enough polythene sheeting for everyone! Clear or black, up to 1000 Gauge, centre folded for convenience and a width of 2 metres, it’s a highly durable, multifunctional resource. In a tenuous reference to a Michelle Pfeiffer film from the year 2000, if you need to see ‘What Lies Beneath’ then go for polythene sheeting of the clear variety. It’s thick, strong, and has none of that impossible-to-see-through quality of black plastic sheeting.

On the other hand, if you just want to make sure your stack of firewood isn’t ‘Gone With The Wind’ or soaked in a sudden ‘Downfall’ then you might choose to go for black polythene sheeting instead. That has the added bonus of covering up everything underneath and keeping it out of sight – ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

But enough with the tenuous film references. Here’s the thing: Polythene sheeting. It will always leave you singing in the rain.

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