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Our catering range of packaging and containers are tailor made to help you!

If you’re in the catering trade, you’ll love our range of packaging and containers that are tailor made to help you prepare, store, package and sell your delicious edibles to the hungry public. We’re talking about more than just sandwich boxes too. In fact, we like to think that even our sandwich boxes are more than just sandwich boxes. We supply sandwich containers in different sizes and made from different materials, each designed to suit your business, your priorities and your brand, as well as your fillings. Biodegradable, PVC, regular and deeper fill boxes are some of our most popular.

Beyond sandwich boxes, we’ve also got cake boxes, clear cellophane bags, film fronted bags, and oval hinged lid salad boxes. And that’s just for starters. Looking for clear microwaveable containers? We have those. Polystyrene pots with optional lids? We have those too. And behind the scenes, you’ll also want to order in a healthy stock of those less glamorous catering resources, such as cling film, aluminium foil, bag ties, butchers bags and greaseproof paper. We’re good for all sorts of things like that – in fact, if you can come up with a type of food packaging or container that we don’t yet stock and that you’d find useful, let us know and we’ll get onto that for you in about the time it takes to boil an egg.

The truth is, we’re great fans of food, which is why we also love stocking food packaging. Our growing range of containers, boxes, bags, and other catering accessories is designed to make your life easier, get your business running more smoothly, and to make sure your customers come back to you time and again – well, at least whenever they’re feeling peckish!


Sandwich Containers

Whichever type of sandwich packaging you opt for, you’ll have the chance to buy in bulk from us and stock up at a great price.

Ah… the humble sandwich container. There’s nothing quite like it for reminding hungry workaholics they’ve forgotten to stop for lunch. Fresh and healthy bread, tasty and colourful fillings, great sandwiches are a bit of a work of art.  And in our opinion, just like works of art, great sandwiches need proper framing to set them off at their best. We like to think our sandwich boxes are just a bit like artistic picture frames for the sandwich ranges you’re stacking on your shelves.

If your priority is pricing and visibility, then you’ll want to opt for something like the clear PVC standard packaging – an end fold wedge designed especially for sandwich sellers. You can choose the slimline or deeper fill versions, allowing you to make the most of the competitive lunchtime rush. With a ribbed exterior that is easy to hold as well as strong and robust, PVC sandwich wedges also have a hinged lid, which means the  customer can save one for later.

Another alternative is the biodegradable sandwich container.  These give a big tick in the eco-friendly department, and they also look classy and high quality, with a transparent film panel so the sandwiches and their fillings can be seen clearly.

So if sandwiches are the bread and butter of your business, order from us and have your fill – that’s deep fill or standard slimline, of course - of great quality sandwich containers at a very tasty price.

Freezer Bags

Take a look at our ever growing freezer bag range and choose just the right size and thickness for your contents!

If you’ve got a freezer then you’ll need freezer bags.  And if you need freezer bags then you’re in the right place because we’ve got rolls and rolls of them. They’re food safe, freezer safe and very economical.  So if you’ve got a catering company, a busy restaurant or even a large domestic kitchen that’s always buzzing with family and guests, you’ll be able to order serious quantities and keep the extras in the store cupboard for future use.

Of course freezer bags don’t just need to be used for food. A variety of other industries and services use freezers as part of their everyday processes, and many of them use freezer bags and containers to store and defrost. Likewise, many businesses use freezer bags even when they’re not for the freezer or fridge. Schools and suppliers who need to organise collections of items – toys, ingredients, craft items, stationery and other resources – use freezer bags for the convenience of collecting things together in one place and being able to see at a glance what’s inside.

If you need to be able to seal the bags, there’s a choice of solutions, depending whether you need permanent or temporary sealing. Bag ties, heat sealers, bag neck sealers, tapes – even ribbons and bows if you prefer! When you order from us you can be sure you’re getting professional quality that you can trust. Don’t waste money on cheap freezer bags that aren’t up to job or you’ll lose money in the long run.  With our bags you get great protection, high volumes, high quality, and all at prices that are really economical.

Food Wrapping

Choosing the right food wrapping is in everyone’s interests. Trust us as your supplier and we’ll make sure you get great quality wrapping at a great price.

Food wrapping can make all the difference between food that stays tasty, fresh tempting enough to eat, and food that looks well past its sell-by date, even when it isn’t. Industries and organisations that handle food and food-related products need professional quality wrapping to keep everything hygienic, fresh and properly protected.

That’s why we’re passionate about wrapping that supports your food business or catering department in a way that keeps your chef happy as well as your ravenous customers and visitors. Making mistakes in the food department is a serious issue. Get it right though, and customers will think of you whenever the hunger pangs strike!

We’ve got food wrapping that’s fit for presentation in the display chiller, on the counter top, or on shelves in your food shop or café. Film fronted paper bags, clear cellophane bags, sandwich cartons, salad boxes and cake trays are among our most popular items. We also supply unprinted newsprint offcuts – sheets of paper that are perfect for takeaways and fast food outlets. Behind the scenes in the kitchen, you’ll need other sorts of food wrapping. Aluminium foil and cling film, greaseproof paper, and bags on a roll, we supply them all – and at specially discounted prices when you’re buying in bulk.

We also have butchers bags and bag neck sealers for the deli counter or butchers shop, where packaging isn’t so much about making food look delicious there and then as keeping it discreetly packaged and hygienically sealed.

Food Containers

Our everyday food containers are designed for practicality!

When you’re working with food, there’s a lot to think about in terms of storage and presentation. Obviously you need to wrap and seal all your edibles safely and hygienically to avoid health concerns, so it goes without saying that all our food container ranges and food wrapping products are food-safe. But even beyond that, there are other essential features to consider when you’re choosing food containers.

As a catering professional you already know how important the appearance is when you’re selling food. Customers want to see what they’re getting, so transparency and high visibility is important when you’re stocking counters and display fridges. Cake boxes and Swedish trays allow surface protection of sweet and savoury items while setting the contents in full view. Salad boxes and sandwich cartons need to be completely clear, or have a transparent panel through which the contents can be identified at a glance. What they see will determine whether they buy, so it’s essential to get it right and give your food a tempting and tasty visual appeal.

You’ll also want to think about protection, strength and stability so that food that’s being transported or eaten outside is easy to hold, won’t tip the contents everywhere, and can, perhaps, be sealed to keep leftovers for later or for tidy disposal. Our food containers are designed for practicality. Polystyrene containers will help keep the food at the right temperature. We also supply reusable microwaveable containers with lids in a choice of sizes, suitable for commercial kitchen use or for serving takeaway food.

So make us your first choice for food containers and you can trust we know what we’re talking about.

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